Family Service Program

Mission: To expand the participation of parents and families in our school community to increase school spirit, sense of community and fundraising to support school educational goals.

Goals: To make the required program easy to participate in, and to increase parent interest in its success.

Family Sevice Program Handbook


Volunteer paperwork

Virtus Classes: www.virtusonline.org


Parent Handbook:

Greetings to all families of St. Philip ECC,

       Welcome to St. Philip Early Childhood Center.  It is our goal to provide you with a program that offers the best in faith formation, academics and social growth.  Our school offers a culturally diverse, warm and inviting atmosphere for students and families to grow as one community.  It is our main priority to work with parents to ensure the best possible experience for your student.  As partners with the school, there will be many opportunities for you to participate in activities, speak with teachers, and become part of the St. Philip Family.

     The handbook below contains all the information you will need about St. Philip ECC.  All pertinent information will be sent in the teachers’ weekly roundup, posted on the school website, and outside each classroom.  The office always has extras of all forms.  Each family has access to the teacher’s email, and please remember my door is always open.  You may contact me at astich@stphilipecc.org or at 703-573-4570. 

God Bless,

Mrs. Ann Stich


Parent/ Student Handbook