Extended Day Registration SY 2019-2020

These plans are monthly fees that are added to FACTS. 

Extras: These items are added to FACTS as a 1 time payment.  

Coupons: (purchased in office only during office hours) Coupons may be used for pre-scheduled drop-in and emergency purposes only.  Coupons may be purchased at $10.00 per hour for pre-purchase, $12 per hour for purchase after date of use or $13 per hour for two children for pre-purchase, $15 per hour for purchase after date fo use.  Coupons can not be used on teacher workday, early dismissal or camp days.

Late Arrivals: Arriving after 6 pm (even by a minute) will result in fees in the amount of $1.00 per minute, no exceptions.

The extended day polices and procedures are available on line at www.stphilipecc.org, or in the school office. Teading and understand the policies and procedures are required.  By signing this, you understand and agree to follow the polices and proceudres of the school and extended day. 


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