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Pizza/Milk Form 19-20sy

Dear St. Philip Early Childhood families:

This school year there will be pizza offered for lunch on Fridays. It will start September 6th. The cost for pizza will be $75 for the year for 1 slice and $125 for 2 slices.

The other option offered is our daily milk program. The cost for milk is $45 for the year. The students, are given on carton of milk and are given seconds if students request another carton.

Please submit this form with your choice by August 30th in order to allow the company enough notice for delivery.

When packing lunch each day, please remember we are a completely nut and raw apple free environment. Each student's lunch box should be labeled with their name and the date. Your child will be given a tag with their name to attach to their lunchbox. Please write the date each day in wipe off marker.  A cold pack should be placed in the lunchbox. Soft lunch boxes or paper bags only.

God Bless,

Mrs. Ann Stich, Director

Milk/Pizza Program 19-20sy
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