Current Student Re-Registration for the 2020-2021 SY

Dear Currently Enrolled Parents/Guardians of St. Philip Early Childhood Center,

Below is the re-registration form for the 2020-2021 SY.  This form and your payment will reserve your child's seat in the next school year.

Please fill out the form completely to ensure your registration is complete.

As we did last year, we will be providing you with incentives to register!

Re-registration Incentives:

1. Re-register by Nov. 30th, 2019 and lock in 2019-2020 SY tuition rate for the 2020-2021 SY.

2. Re-register by Dec. 20th, 2019, and you can spread $250 over the remaining months via FACTS

3. Re-register by Dec. 20th, 2019, Pay $50 at the time of registration by FACTS and the remainder $200 will be billed to your FACTS account January 7th, 2020.

4. Reduce your tuition bill in Jan. 2021, by recommending our school to new families.  Receive $100 credit, for every new family that registers and uses you as a referral on their registration form.

20-21 SY Tuition Rates

Date //
Class Choices
Please choose from the list below. If you choose the option with the asterisk * we will contact you.
Current Teacher
Please choose your child's current (2019-2020 SY) teacher from the list below. If you are a current family and are registering a sibling please choose that option.
Payment Options
Message Please choose from the list below for your 2020-2021 SY registration. All Additional Activity Fees will be added to your FACTS account at the end of July 2020.
List (Dropdown)
Financial Requirement I, parent or guardian of student listed above, verify that the information provided within this application is correct. I also agree to comply with all financial and school policies of the school as described in the parent/student handbook.
Financial guarantor's name
Please type the financially responsible person's email.
Extended Day
Extended Day Options
Extended Day costs will not be changing. If you think you may need extended day please select the box below. This simply helps us to plan for the future.